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2018 - 09 - 28
The packaging machine is widely used in life. Therefore, the 24th Shanghai International Processing and Packaging Exhibition (ProPak China 2018) was held on July 11-13, 2018 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, with a total area of over 45,000. Square meters. The total number of exhibitors from home and abroad in 25 countries including the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Denmark, Japan, South Korea and China reached 680, of which 20% were international exhibitors, an increase of more than 22% from the previous year.ProPak China 2018 will jointly hold the three major fo...
2018 - 09 - 28
Can Hangzhou Zhongheng packaging machine be bought? The progress of society has led to the development of technology and fitness, which is more suitable for our lives. So now many things don't need to be manipulated manually, and the machine slowly replaces labor. This is not only a new challenge, but also a new opportunity.The development of e-commerce has driven many industries, so products that were previously thought to have no selling points are now able to obtain better sales opportunities. Some manufacturers of daily necessities want to solve the product packaging problem if they want t...
2018 - 09 - 28
Is there a fully automatic pillow packaging machine video? Biscuits and breads are snacks that we usually eat, so these food manufacturers need to pack them properly in order to save food safety and hygiene. Then the problem comes. If you use a packaging bag for packaging, you can't do it manually. Only use a machine. What kind of machine is needed?Since it is the use of machines for product packaging, it is definitely necessary to use automation. As far as the development of domestic industrialization is concerned, any enterprise is using the machine for its own work, which not only facilitat...
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What brand of 14 computer combination scales are of good quality?

Release Date: 2018-10-18
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What brand of 14 computer combination scales are of good quality? In life, many things need to be weighed, especially in companies like production. Most of their products need to be weighed, so weighing is more troublesome if you choose artificial, so it is convenient to use the machine to weigh. .


I have learned that people who are weighing machines should hear too many head scales. This kind of machine is not only efficient, but also accurate in weighing. Therefore, choosing such an instrument to weigh your own products is the best method at the moment. It is.

However, because there are many manufacturers producing multi-head scales, some people don't know which machine is of good quality. Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction.

There are no fewer than 1,000 suppliers of national combination scales, and the geographical distribution of famous combination scale manufacturers is mainly in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. Like the Yangtze River Delta: Hangzhou Zhongheng; the Pearl River Delta has: Zhongshan Tianye, Zhongshan Jingwei, Foshan Haichuan, Guangzhou Guangtian and so on. So everyone can take these few considerations, then the reason for choosing depends not only on the quality of the machine, but also on the price and after-sales service. Many people have bought some scales of large manufacturers. The quality may be very good. It has not been broken for several years, but some faults will occur in the machine. The system failure needs maintenance after sale, so there are many manufacturers. Not good for the purchaser not only delayed production, but also affected the buyer's mood.

Xiaobian knows that Hangzhou Zhongheng Packaging Co., Ltd. is doing a good job in the combination of scales. On the one hand, they are very responsible, and the price is reasonable. The people who have cooperated have not said that the machine is not easy to use. .

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