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2018 - 09 - 28
Is there a fully automatic pillow packaging machine video? Biscuits and breads are snacks that we usually eat, so these food manufacturers need to pack them properly in order to save food safety and hygiene. Then the problem comes. If you use a packaging bag for packaging, you can't do it manually. Only use a machine. What kind of machine is needed?Since it is the use of machines for product packaging, it is definitely necessary to use automation. As far as the development of domestic industrialization is concerned, any enterprise is using the machine for its own work, which not only facil...
2018 - 09 - 30
Can I use a packaging machine for hardware accessories? The era of intelligence has not only changed the state of our lives, but has broadened our horizons and made great changes to everyone's innovative thinking. Especially in the current production industry, the artificial labor has become very relaxed. So what kind of machine is suitable for packaging like hardware accessories?There are many types of hardware accessories, so the packaging machines required for different types of accessories are different. In fact, the relatively large workloads are screws, and the small firmware such as...
2018 - 09 - 30
What is the packaging speed of canned food packaging machines? Some of the canned foods we have seen in life are still quite a lot, especially if you like to eat it. The use of cans for food packaging not only enhances the selling point of the product, but also benefits the health and safety of the product. Therefore, the price of canned food is relatively more expensive than that of the bag.For those food manufacturers, the use of cans to package products in the process of loading, if not only the weight is not standard, the sealing is not strict, the efficiency is not high enough. I think th...
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Which one does the automatic packaging machine buy?

Release Date: 2018-11-06
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Which one does the automatic packaging machine buy? Nowadays, more and more industrial manufacturers have made reasonable changes in product packaging. For example, the production of fasteners or the production of some daily necessities have adopted machinery in the process of packaging. The use of mechanical production on the one hand can drive production capacity, the other side frees the labor force, saves the company a lot of costs, and makes the products more beautiful.

The packaging machine that needs to be selected for different products is different. Just like the fastener packaging mentioned above, many manufacturers are still using manual packaging, so Xiaobian is like how to choose the machine to package. .


Most fasteners are packaged in cartons, so this requires a boxed machine. The benefits of the boxing machine not only enable automatic loading, but also automatically weigh several particles. It is important to be able to tighten as needed. The firmware is placed in the box. If you want to know about such a packaging machine, you can look at the box-mounted machine developed by Hangzhou Zhongheng, and cooperate with a number of fastener manufacturers to trust the quality of the machine.

According to Zhongheng's after-sales return visit, I learned that many other packaging machines bought by fastener manufacturers often have hopper damage, but the machines that use Zhongheng rarely appear. This is obvious to see. Whether the company is working hard with customers.

A set of automatic packaging machine system is not very cheap, so Xiao Bian suggests that you must shop around, what is a conscience enterprise, choose to take you to understand our strength.

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