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Time: 2019 - 01 - 20
Product DescriptionApplicationIt is suitable for weighing small grain, powder such as cereal, sugar, glutamate, salt, rica, sesame, milk powder, coffee, seasoning powder etc.        Technical SpecificationModelZH-A2 Linear WeigherPacking speed30 Bags/MinPackaging Accuracy±0.2-2gTechnical Feature1. Make mix different products weighing at one discharge.2. High precise digital weighing sensor and AD module have been developed.3. Touch screen is adopted. Multi-language ...
Time: 2019 - 01 - 20
Product DescriptionApplication.ZH-A4 is developed for precise and high-speed quantitative weighing packaging system. It is suitable for weighing material of small grain with good uniformity, such as oatmeal, sugar, salt, seeds, rice, sesame, milk powder coffee, etc.Specification for ZH-A4 Four heads linear weigherModelZH-A4Weighing Range10-2000g (Can multi-drop)Max Weigh Speed50 Bags/MinAccuracy±0.2-2gHopper Volume(L)3/4.5/7.5/12.5L (Can customized)Max Products4Driver methodStepper motorInt...
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